The Turtle and the Deep Blue Sky.


The Turtle and the Deep Blue Sky.

A charming story about animals and what makes them unique.

The Turtle and the Deep Blue Sky is a delightful children's picture book about a turtle and other animals who are dissatisfied with their natural bodies and try to swap parts with one another. The turtle longs to fly with the flamingo's wings; the flamingo wants to protect herself with some porcupine quills; the porcupine wants to experience the luxurious wool of the sheep; and so on. But using another animal's parts can have a down side, too! Minimalist critter-mix-and-match illustrations add just the right touch to this charming story of the ups and downs of personal fantasies made real.


It all starts...

...when a turtle who is feeling rather bored and uncomfortably hot in his bulky shell longs to "feel the cool breeze that was moving the clouds above." He borrows wings from a flamingo who begins to feel vulnerable without her wings and borrows quills from a porcupine. So begins a series of trades between animals who enjoy their new features until they see their old features on other animals and develop an appreciation for what they were born with.



The fish feels fabulous, and yet comes to admire his scales on the sheep...


The Peacock is feeling a bit sheepish without a tail...

While the sheep was prickled and grumpy indeed...which is why he bartered with the fish after all.  

Wouldn't you?